Sex: female

Age: 27 years

Available for shooting: no

Eye color: blue

Hair color: blonde

Weight: 53 kg

Height: 174 cm


Last weekend I made a new project with a new face, the blonde charming girl Tiffany. She is a good and solid d.r.i.n.k.e.r with a favour for unique themes.

Favourite D.r.i.n.k: V.o.d.k.a

Available collections

HDC - Project - Saufen vor dem Bundestag 0
2014-02-02 Tiffany 84:25 minutes Drinking

HDC - Project - Saufen vor dem Bundestag

Tiffany - Saufen für Deutschland 0
2012-06-16 Tiffany 64:14 minutes Drinking

Tiffany - Saufen für Deutschland