The Czech Girls are back!  

Hello friends,  

we want inform you that we continue our cooperation with Czech Producers after a seven-years break. Our founder has acquired the license for 4 exclusive projects and in the near future you can enjoy 2 of them here at HDC and the other 2 projects at our second base Your Fetish Zone. Check the Link below.

Your Fetish Zone


Your HDC Admin

HDC Project - Amy & Lucy

28.04.2017 Amy und Lucy 87:46 Minuten Drinking
HDC Project - Amy & Lucy 1
HDC Project - Amy & Lucy 2
HDC Project - Amy & Lucy 3
HDC Project - Amy & Lucy 4
HDC Project - Amy & Lucy 5
HDC Project - Amy & Lucy 6
HDC Project - Amy & Lucy 7
HDC Project - Amy & Lucy 8
HDC Project - Amy & Lucy 9
HDC Project - Amy & Lucy 10

In autumn 2010 Ubi received an email from a Czech producer named Radek, who wanted to be a d.r.u.n.k filmmaker for HDC. Already after the evaluation of the first sample clips it was clear to Ubi that there was a great potential and it came to a useful cooperation. The result of this partnership is known to most of you. Ubi’s financial support was the basis that Radek could set up his own D.r.u.n.k Fetish Website which is now the No 01 in the world and well-known to everyone. Here is one of the best results of this productive year. You can get the stunning outdoor project with Amy & Lucy now in a longer and better version. It is one of the milestones of our specific fetish genre with many outstanding scenes and especially the performance of Amy was unbelievable.