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News from January 17, 2017

HDC News Jan.2017

Dear Members,


after 10 successful years in the international E-business Ubi is still hungry to give you more good inspirations. We think that his new event documentary series with the X-Mas Shooting and the great New Year’s Party were a perfect start into 2017. He will also film one or two real life sessions in Germany during the next carnival season. Such events are always a perfect target for drunk fetish lovers because there you can meet or view many heavy drunk women.


Some folks asked us if it is possible to film their HDC Superstar Leila again in a Solo project. Yes it is and Ubi will meet her in February for a special Wine & Champagne tasting. Maybe interesting for some of the fans who like it very sexy but more decent. Leila has her own great positive aura and she is always a win for you.


But we have also good news from Samantha and her Girls Gang. They want do another interactive Webcam show for you with a lot of booze and naked fun and Ubi should film all the dirty little details.


The concept of such interactive Adventures makes sense and we have also the plan to create a special HDC report with our best Member clips. So if you have some short cuts or handy records in HD feel free to share your own clips with drunk girls. The best results will be added to a new exclusive private Sampler which is only available for our loyal paying members. It is not visible in any form of a public presentation. And your price:


"All the winners get a free half year Membership at the HDC Website."  


You can sent your contributions to


That's it for today.


Cheers and all the best for 2017!


Your HDC Team



HDC Project - Drunk Jessy in Leipzig


73:55 minutes

Last Saturday I had a nice meeting with a new Amateur Model in Leipzig. Her name is Jessy and this dynamic young Lady is a sexy, curvy little Power Drinking Wonder. She drank 5 Big Glasses of Vodka + E and 5  Big Shots Tequila Gold during a period of only 30 minutes nearly all in a standing position. After some time of intense Drinking Jessy got a short Hiccup attack and she was in the good mood for a walk outside. So we went out with a prepared Red Bull Can with Vodka inside for a longer walk Downton Leipzig on a Saturday afternoon with hundreds of people around us. After a short time the Alcohol kicked radical and Jessy could not longer walk straight with her black High-heels. She was stumbling & staggering around with a slurring speech and was finally falling over on the hard pavement of the historical city. After this little accident she decided to do the rest of her walk of shame better barefeet with the shoes in her hand. Jessy had the original plan to meet some of her girls for a Partynight in the city. But it was not longer possible because she was simply too drunk and had also a need to Pee. The first part of this project can be a highlight for some of our Fast Drinking Fans or Drunk Fetish Purists because it includes no explicit nudity or any Erotic Scenes. But if you like to see more of Jessy you should not miss the crazy continuation of this project. All conversations are in German.



HDC Project - The Drunk New Years Party

Candy, Tanja

87:14 minutes

At New Years Eve 2016 Tanja and Candy celebrated a Party in the Western Bar together with their best friends. They donned elegant dresses and had the best motivation to get really Drunk so it was a night full of intense Power Drinking, Dancing and some crazy games with slutty Peeing. One of the highlights of this amazing night was definitely the firework outside with the our Ladies stumbling around and Drinking sparkling wine out of the bottles. In the end they were all over their Drinking limits and felt a little sick. We think that this project was a good final of the old year and also a promising start into our new HDC season. So have a look inside and enjoy. All conversations are in German.




HDC Project - The X-Mas Session


92:43 minutes

Two weeks ago I started a new project series together with the unique Fetish Model Susan. She has different talents and also a favour for Drinking so the idea was born to visit some special events around Germany with her during the next year. Our first meeting point was the traditional  x-mas market in my hometown. Susan was walking around with Jeans and Boots chugghing one bottle of asian plum wine as fast as possible and we also tasted one cup of hot cocolate with Amaretto. This was a good base for the rest of the day and our lady was slightly staggering to her apartment. After a break she continued her booze night in a sexy business outfit including a very short skirt and grey Pantyhose. Susan was drinking small bottles + shots and she wanted to smoke a Cigar. She was now also open for slutty Peeing and got horny and playful with a big Dildo. After her intense Erotic Solo Intermezzo she changed her clothes again and I filmed the last part of this project with Jeans and golden Stiletto Boots. After some additional drinks outdoor Susan could not hold her pee and she was wetting her jeans. This was the end of a nice day with a lot of fun. All conversations are in English.



HDC Project - Wild Partygirls 02

Nessa, Van

103:10 minutes

In the second part of this project you can see what crazy things Girls can do under the influence of  too much Alcohol.  First Van changed her dresscode again and she decided to pee on a bigger bird figure which stood on the right side of the entrance of our lovely neighbour house. What a risky and crazy shit!  Afterwards our two Ladies made a little Spitting competition and then we walked to a near petrol station to buy more booze. They were singing and doing some rounds of  Limbo Dancing  with my big umbrella at the sidewalk. On the way back Van had another peeing break and the mood was now really hilarious. The Girls continued with Drinking and Smoking, some  Wild Dancing only dressed with Dessous and they had a Pillow fight. After that they were  both open for more intimate activities like Hot Kissing and Fumbling. In the end they were very tired and this was the right moment for me to say good-bye because I wanted not longer disturb.



HDC Project - Wild Partygirls 01

Nessa, Van

54:07 minutes

Some months ago Ubi visited another private  Party of Nessa & Van. Both girls are well-known in our community and they like to consume a lot of  Alcohol. So this was a typical Party Night with a lot of fun in combination with  intense Drinking, Smoking, some Dancing, the  change of clothes , Erotic Posing and Naughty Peeing. After one hour all bottles were empty and our Booze Duo deliberated what they could do with the rest of the night? So you can enjoy more action in part two. One special note. After clarifyling all legal bases of this project you can get it now in a new version exclusive here at this Website.