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HDC Project - After Party Hardcore

Candy, Tanja

59:36 minutes

After a Party Candy & Tanja were both drunk and walking around in the cold night. Not very comfortable so  they decided to have a last Drink (in german we say a so called Absacker) at Joe's Western Bar and they were stumbling in and the fun began. Joe & Micha brought out their full attention to our hot Duo and  they tried to made the Ladies more playful with Drinks out of a big Vodka bottle. This strategy worked  perfekt and you can enjoy a naughty scenario with intense hardcore fun so that the end of the night was an exciting experience for all.




HDC Project - Leila hotter than ever


106:42 minutes


After the big disaster project together with her strange girlfriend in the last year Leila had the big need to do another Solo session for you. This was the right decision. So one of your  long time Stars was surprising us again with her new hairstyle (not so blond but even longer) and she made a very solid Drinking Session (the most time in a standing position) with different sorts of wine and a bottle of Russian Vodka. But she had also 3 amazing dress code & shoe changes during the session and was flashing our producer with her new look. Especially her last outfit with Jeans and Boots was totally new for Leila and very impressive.  So we think this time she was hotter than ever before. The most of the drunk fetish purists should hopefully enjoy her in and outdoor performance with many good Drinking and walking scenes under the influence. All dialogues are in German. 



HDC Project - The Webcam Show

Jessy, Nicki, Samantha

82:28 minutes


Samantha & Nicki wanted to have a nice afternoon with Drinking and  some interactive fun during a Webcam Session with Users. So they went to a big Apartment in the City , prepared everything with their clothes, Make -Up, first drinks and started the Show as Jessy stumbled into the  room totally wasted.   She wanted to pick up her friends for a Pub tour or Party Night but she was definitely too drunk for such a sophisticated  plan. After a short time she lay on her bag in a big bed and  the only things she could manage alone was sucking a small rubber dick with her mouth and fingering her clit. This young woman was out of control and her drunk condition  the ideal base for another unique adventure with more authentic situations. So if you like curvy drunk babes Jessy should be a turn on for you. But it was not the end of the night. This project will be continued next week with a private part only for HDC  members. So stay tuned. All dialogues are in German. 





HDC Project - Drunk Jessy in Leipzig


73:55 minutes

Last Saturday I had a nice meeting with a new Amateur Model in Leipzig. Her name is Jessy and this dynamic young Lady is a sexy, curvy little Power Drinking Wonder. She drank 5 Big Glasses of Vodka + E and 5  Big Shots Tequila Gold during a period of only 30 minutes nearly all in a standing position. After some time of intense Drinking Jessy got a short Hiccup attack and she was in the good mood for a walk outside. So we went out with a prepared Red Bull Can with Vodka inside for a longer walk Downton Leipzig on a Saturday afternoon with hundreds of people around us. After a short time the Alcohol kicked radical and Jessy could not longer walk straight with her black High-heels. She was stumbling & staggering around with a slurring speech and was finally falling over on the hard pavement of the historical city. After this little accident she decided to do the rest of her walk of shame better barefeet with the shoes in her hand. Jessy had the original plan to meet some of her girls for a Partynight in the city. But it was not longer possible because she was simply too drunk and had also a need to Pee. The first part of this project can be a highlight for some of our Fast Drinking Fans or Drunk Fetish Purists because it includes no explicit nudity or any Erotic Scenes. But if you like to see more of Jessy you should not miss the crazy continuation of this project. All conversations are in German.



HDC Project - The Drunk New Years Party

Candy, Tanja

87:14 minutes


At New Years Eve 2016 Tanja and Candy celebrated a Party in the Western Bar together with their best friends. They donned elegant dresses and had the best motivation to get really Drunk so it was a night full of intense Power Drinking, Dancing and some crazy games with slutty Peeing. One of the highlights of this amazing night was definitely the firework outside with the our Ladies stumbling around and Drinking sparkling wine out of the bottles. In the end they were all over their Drinking limits and felt a little sick. We think that this project was a good final of the old year and also a promising start into our new HDC season. So have a look inside and enjoy. All conversations are in German.