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HDC Project - One Evening with Lizz


114:09 minutes

Last weekend our guest Producer Ramade made a new project with the 19 years old German Amateur & Webcam Girl Lizz from Bavaria. She was drinking her fav Mix Jack Daniels with Coke and after only four rounds she felt very sick. But it was not the end and she continued her performance with some smaller mixtures and got pretty wasted and more playful. Lizz started with nude posing + open legs and continued with more explicit Dildo fun. After a sexy clothes change she should do a little outdoor walk with Jeans & Boots. But it failed at the beginning because she was too drunk. Then followed a unwanted toilet break and finally she was really tired and wanted only to sleep. Maybe this Lady  was not our best drinker but her drunk affects are clearly visible. So this project should be hopefully interesting for some fans here in Europe (Austria, Lichtenstein or Switzerland) because all conversations are in German.  




HDC Project - The Drunk Model

Nataly Novak

52:16 minutes

Here is the Full HD remix version of our first project with Nataly Novak. Actually, Ubi should produce at this day a Nylon Fetish Partygirls Set with 2 Models. Since he was late, the girls made a relaxed afternoon and spent their time with drinking a lot of Alcohol. When he arrived, Nataly was totally drunk and that was his spontaneous chance to make a horny drunk fetish session out of it. The rest of the story is well known for the most of you. Nataly was one of our Top Models for a longer period and the fans loved especially her excessive Drinking in combination with unconscious behavior. All conversations are in German.



HDC Project - The Dirty Little Secret


90:50 minutes

Ten years ago Ubi had a meeting with the beautiful Kate during a business trip in bavaria. It was his job to organize one traditional festivity for a company.Therefor he needed a female Test Drinker to find the perfect mix of Alcohol especially for all younger guests. It was Kate and in the first half you can enjoy the complete process from sober til visible intoxicated in combination with some naughty selfmade actions like ripping her Pantyhose. Our producer had to leave the location to meet some other persons and he called a friend to bring the wasted Kate home. This guy arrived and found her sleeping on the floor. It was a perfect chance to enjoy some unforgettable moments with a young Lady in such a condition. We reposted this project in Full HD for the new Version of our Website which will be online soon. All conversations are in German.



HDC Project - Contest with Melania


113:50 minutes

This is not a normal project because it all came about very spontaneously. Our producer friend Ramade from Munich was able to convince the Polish fashion model Melania to film a special Drinking contest for HDC. She wanted 50% Vodka with different juices for this session and you can enjoy a nice mix of fast Drinking, Interviews, some clothes changes and Smoking breaks. The question was: How many strong mixtures with Alcohol could this beautiful Lady drink during a time window of 1 1/2 hours? The big handicap for Melania was that her night bus back home started at 4.00 am in the morning so it was not possible to drink radical over her limit. But she was in a good Drinking mood and the final result was really solid. It is always a win for us to have a new sexy Model online with the option to make another project hopefully under better conditions in the future?! All conversations are in English.  



HDC Project - Amy & Lucy

Amy, Lucy

87:46 minutes

In autumn 2010 Ubi received an email from a Czech producer named Radek, who wanted to be a drunk filmmaker for HDC. Already after the evaluation of the first sample clips it was clear to Ubi that there was a great potential and it came to a useful cooperation. The result of this partnership is known to most of you. Ubi’s financial support was the basis that Radek could set up his own Drunk Fetish Website which is now the No 01 in the world and well-known to everyone. Here is one of the best results of this productive year. You can get the stunning outdoor project with Amy & Lucy now in a longer and better version. It is one of the milestones of our specific fetish genre with many outstanding scenes and especially the performance of Amy was unbelievable.