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HDC Project - Gang of Four 02

Britney, Kathy, Linda (03), Maya

83:49 minutes

At the beginning of the second part Britney wanted to show her talent as a D Jane and the other girls should walk and drink out of the bottle. Especially Maya made it perfect and she was looking very sexy with her curvy body in a sinful red dress and the bottle in her mouth. Then you can enjoy some dancing and a little bit more erotic with girl-girl fun and nudity. After a smoking break at the balcony the mood was even more relaxed and Britney and Maya had to pee again. With empty bladders the girls could drink more and Maya, Linda & Kathy showed me some different ways how to drink very erotic out of two bottles. Now the time was right for some specific card games with drinking. After that the girls had the right Alcohol level for a walk outside with sobriety tests. Britney was falling down at once and Maya and Linda had some bigger problems to walk straight the line. So you can see some real and visible effects of drunkenness. I think Maya was the most intense drinker and drunkest girl at this session. After the fresh air she was totally down and the other girls had to carry her into the bedroom. Linda followed her a short time later because she had also reached her limit. So I had one last drink with the other two girls and Britney made a final drunken walk without shows and she was staggering from her apartment door to the elevator and back.  I think it was a solid project with some nice girls and if you want see them again please let me know.





HDC Project - Gang of Four 01

Britney, Kathy, Linda (03), Maya

70:40 minutes

Last weekend I had another meeting with Britney and her friends but this time with a  new face Kathy. It was her first time in front of a cam and I started with a little interview to break the ice and Kathy introduced her fav drink. If you are a fan of intense bottle drinking this session will not disapoint you. Espicially in the second half the girls forgot to use any glasses. But the project started more lady like with the consume of sparkling wine and different shots. Our Drinking Gang was in a good  mood and they talked about themselfes, men or clothes and Linda enjoyed to show us some crazy smoking with her new e-cigarette. But you can also see that Britney and Maya had a little bit more routine with such fetish things and they were also open for toilet shots. After the styling for the evening with some new clothes was finished they were all tipsy and open for more crazy things. 



HDC Project - The Drunk Freak Show

54:16 minutes

Last week I had the good motivation to celebrate a nice carnival session together with Susan and one of her friends  in Düsseldorf but this so called Model ruined everything with her disgusting behavior. In 15 years of DF productions I never had such a drama and Susan was so pissed off that she only wanted to drive home asap. I followed her absolutely frustrated  because we had no chance to visit the Atstadt and all the other nice locations because a pain in the ass with a devil's costume was not able to put on her clothes during a period of three hours! I think the main problem was that she came still drunk to the set and was shitfaced before we started with our project. This woman was absolutely out of control and acted like a freak under the influence so what you see here are only some outtakes to get a authentic impression what happened at this lovely day. 



HDC Project - After Party Hardcore

Candy, Tanja

59:36 minutes

After a Party Candy & Tanja were both drunk and walking around in the cold night. Not very comfortable so  they decided to have a last Drink (in german we say a so called Absacker) at Joe's Western Bar and they were stumbling in and the fun began. Joe & Micha brought out their full attention to our hot Duo and  they tried to made the Ladies more playful with Drinks out of a big Vodka bottle. This strategy worked  perfekt and you can enjoy a naughty scenario with intense hardcore fun so that the end of the night was an exciting experience for all.




HDC Project - Leila hotter than ever


106:42 minutes


After the big disaster project together with her strange girlfriend in the last year Leila had the big need to do another Solo session for you. This was the right decision. So one of your  long time Stars was surprising us again with her new hairstyle (not so blond but even longer) and she made a very solid Drinking Session (the most time in a standing position) with different sorts of wine and a bottle of Russian Vodka. But she had also 3 amazing dress code & shoe changes during the session and was flashing our producer with her new look. Especially her last outfit with Jeans and Boots was totally new for Leila and very impressive.  So we think this time she was hotter than ever before. The most of the drunk fetish purists should hopefully enjoy her in and outdoor performance with many good Drinking and walking scenes under the influence. All dialogues are in German.