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HDC Side Project - New Year's in Hungary

Lena King, Yvette Costeau

63:44 minutes

Yvette Costeau had the idea to fill up her new girlfriend Lena King from hungary with Alcohol to make her more playful for a hot girls night. At the beginning everything worked well and she had success. After the Drinking followed some Lezbo fun and both girls got wasted and tired. This was the chance for a thief to enter the apartment and the story got a very surprising turnaround. First he wanted only some jewelery or money but after he had recognized the situation with two drunk women in one room he wanted more. So this project offers not only real Drinking it includes also a role-play with kinky elements. The German Bondage Queen Yvette Costeau really enjoyed this job tied with handcuffs. Now for the first time in Full HD with the Promo Clip. All dialogues are in Hungarian and German.




HDC Side Project - Picnic with their Master

Alice, Edda

79:24 minutes

Last year we had a cooperation with a producer from East Germany. He made a total of 3 projects on different topics. Here is the last part. A dominant male was celebrating with 2 submissive sluts outdoor in a garden. The girls were drinking and peeing in public and they had to do some specific jobs like licking his dirty feet or showing their extra qualities by using a human breathalyzer. No normal story but more crazy stuff. So this is a side project for all the fans of explicit content with some good close-ups. All conversations are in German.



HDC Project - Bad side effects for Anja

Anja, Tanja

68:41 minutes

At the beginning of the second part everything was still perfect and the two girls continued their Drinking enjoyed some dancing only dressed with Dessous and they started to have fun with Joe. The peeing in front of a cam was also no longer a problem for Anja but after 20 minutes we had a radical change. While Tanja worked out her unpaid bill for the drinks with some Erotic actions Anja felt only bad. She was totally down and the good mood was completely over. So the end of this project was a mix out of intense Erotic Lust and the bad side effects of heavy Drinking with some good close-ups. You can see it all til the bitter end where Anja was not able to stand up. She was crawling into a bush to throw up...



HDC Project - Let Yourself Go

Sabrina May

114:22 minutes

This classic HDC project from 2005 was so far one of our most wanted old movies. Sabrina May a young hot blonde Lady with long legs and big fake boobs was the perfect exemplary nature how excessive drinking can turn a shy young woman into a real slut. You can follow the complete process from sober til wasted here. The warm up phase was filmed in an apartment and after that Sabrina performed outside on the roof garden of a nursing home. This was unique! During the rest of this authentic story Ubi could film tons of outstanding scenes with a stunning babe in a drunk condition. Especially the outdoor scenario ny níght offers a lot stumbling, staggering and falling down. Finally Sabrina was peeing with open legs at the toilet in her hotel room and Ubi's supporters carried her to the bed where she was fucking her cunt with an empty bottle. So this project offers not only many highlight scenes for the drunk fetish purists it is also interesting for the hardcore fans. All conversations are in German. You can get now the remastered Full HD version.




HDC Project - The Introduction into another World

Anja, Tanja

89:47 minutes

One of our biggest problems here in Germany is the permanent loss of good Models. We had some very promising starters this season but they were all away after only one project. So Tanja wanted to help Ubi and she could convince her sexy cousin Anja a 31 Years old Amateur Woman to participate in such a Drunk Fetish project. Anja was the first time ever in front of a camera and she was very nervous and afraid to pee publicly in front of any spectators. So Ubi had to handle all things with extra care but he made a good job. First Anja learned the fast Drinking of Vodka with different sorts of fruit juices and the mood of the two women was excellent. They wanted to drink, dance and party at Joe’s Western bar. Definitely a good decision but Tanja forgot her money again. It was a little surprise to see that she felt sick after only 30 minutes of intense Drinking but after a short heavy Spitting she showed our Producer some very artistic gymnastic exercises. This was crazy! Meanwhile Anja did her normal outdoor walking with some sobriety tests. One important intention of Ubi was to get the Girls in moving action to see better effects. At the end of this part Tanja give you the proof that she is definitely our Queen of burping and her free style peeing is also amazing.  All conversations are in German.To be continued...